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Useful steps in Calculating the Price of a New Car

September 18, 2010 by - Automotive Editor

How do you go about figuring the price of a new car? Take the time to do the appropriate research to figure out the amount you need to pay beyond the sticker price.

Calculating the Price of a New Car

How do you determine the price of a new car? The sticker price is only one component which doesn’t include handling fees, DMV license costs, and taxes. Find out what’s included in the car’s price helps buyers determine what they need to pay for their vehicle. Calculating the price of a new car can be accomplished using the tips below.

1. Seek assistance from online sources

In order to obtain the price of a new car, you need to seek the assistance from reliable online sources. A good example of online help desk for car pricing is Edmunds.com Log on to the site and click the link for “new cars”. Select the specifics of the car that you want the price to be calculated. You can select a specific model and the car make.

2. Supply the needed information

There are other websites that requires you to supply other information in order to come up with the calculation you want to determine. These sites usually require the information such as the body style and engine combination that you want to determine. Do not hesitate to supply these to secure the needed calculation.

Other websites require you to provide other detail such as the colour and the zip code of your location. Upon doing this, click the button for the “TMV Pricing Report”. The site would then come up with a price summary which includes the MSRP, Invoice Price, and the “what others are paying”. Use the invoice as the base price of the vehicle.

3. Provide extra amounts for additional fees

By the time you are able to obtain the invoice price of the car, add an extra amount to make the price more realistic. You can add extra $250 to $500 as the allowance for the dealer’s fee.

4. Include the local taxes in the car’s final price

You can also include the local tax amount placed on the vehicle to the base price and the allowance for dealer’s fees. The final amount is most probably similar to the car’s actual price.

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