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Truth About Water Powered Cars

March 17, 2011 by - Automotive Editor

Cars that run on water? It might sound like a crazy idea but the idea has merit, and some people are doing it right now.


Most Cars Are Gas Powered

Gasoline is certainly not the only fuel that can move your car. Sure, most cars today do operate on gasoline, but there are alternatives. The most common alternative today is electricity. With an electric motor under your hood all you need is a source of electricity, and people have been using water to generate electricity for more than 100 years.

Powerful Water

Water is one of the most abundant resources on Earth. Because water is made from the combination of oxygen and hydrogen, water is also very powerful. By splitting the water molecules into its base components you can make a motor run.

Cars that run on water work one of two ways. They either split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen and burn the hydrogen, or they use fuel cell technology to recombine the hydrogen and oxygen to generate a small electrical charge. Either way, the idea of using water to run your car is not as far fetched as it may sound.

Running on Water

Using water to power your automobile is also not as simple as just putting water into your tank and driving away. Extensive modifications must be made to your engine before you can make use of water to run your car.
First, you need to decide how you want to use water to power your motor. Do you want to free and capture the hydrogen molecules and burn those to make your motor run? Or do you want to break down the oxygen and hydrogen and recombine them, using the electricity you generate from this process to power your vehicle?

Once you decide how you want to power your vehicle you need to seek out the devices you need to make this a reality. There are companies right now selling devices which can be installed under your hood to help you run your car on water.

Replace Your Gas Engine

There are a variety of motors designed to operate on hydrogen. If you want to burn the hydrogen for fuel you will need to replace your gasoline engine with one which runs on hydrogen. Once this has been done you can install a device which will split the water molecules into their component parts, oxygen and hydrogen.  Capture the hydrogen and channel it into the motor, and your car runs on water.

If you prefer an all-electric system you will need to replace the fossil fuel motor with an electric motor. Then you need a device which will split the water molecules then funnel the oxygen and hydrogen to a fuel cell which will recombine them and capture the electricity this process creates. This small charge can be transferred to a battery system, stored and used to power the electric motor.

Either way, using water to power your car is perfectly reasonable and well within the realm of reality.

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