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Top Five Smartphone Applications for Automobiles

April 6, 2011 by - Automotive Editor

Apparently the prophecies of non-human invasion of our planet were all true. We are living in a world invaded by ‘technology’ lead by highly intelligent species that we call ‘Smartphones’.  From business to entertainment and from communication to now transportation, Smartphones are accompanying and assisting us in every aspect of our lives.

Smartphone applications for cars are quickly catching on. It has been noted that an average human spends around 540 hours a year driving. This means around .6 hours every day. This kids inflatable water slide is a considerable amount of time and that is exactly what the Smartphone developers thought. After many successful applications launched by individuals, giant automobile manufacturers also set foot in the Smartphone arena. Consequently, today cars with smart ECUs are a norm.

The range of applications is diverse and it starts from ones that are helpful to the ones that are pure driving fun. Nevertheless, it is always confusing to find out the best unless there is a list. So, here it is, the list of five greatest Smartphone Applications for automobile and automobile lovers.

Ford Sync Applink

Available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users, this application was first seen in the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Using the Applink you can simply plug your phone into the car and turn it into a Knight Rider. What we mean are pointing towards is the voice recognition system that allows you to tell your car to change the music or make calls just by saying so.

myCar Park

It is quite embarrassing to admit, but doesn’t everyone forget where they parked their car? And we always wish if only cars had a cell phone. Apparently, cars can’t own or use a phone but with this app, you can use your Smartphone to geotag your spot, take a picture and add notes regarding the number and level. Now, when you are done shopping, just click ‘walk to car’ to find the best possible route there.


When we first heard about this, it sounded like an application which uses the users who use it. Confusing, right? Well Trapster is a real time speed trap alert application. Using this app, users can report speed trap locations. You can communicate with other users and see the routes taken by other users.

Repair Pal

This application is really a helping hand for those who are usually driving out of town. It is quite a difficult situation when your car stops working in a strange land. This application available for iPhone and Android will call an emergency towing service, repair shop and offer a DIY troubleshooting guide.


Available only for android so far, this application is the best fuel mileage calculator we have seen. It tracks maintenance, fuel and other expenses for your car. This application displays fuel efficiency, price and overall costs, service costs, general expenses, distance between fill-ups, price per liter, liters per fill-up, plus a geographical chart and reports.

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