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Take Control with the ‘Economy Mode’ In Your Car

April 4, 2011 by - Automotive Editor

You can get tons of tips and suggestions about saving fuel during your drive and making your car more economical, but the truth is it is pretty hard to concentrate on the road and the fuel at the same time. Even the one’s who give everyone those fuel-saving suggestions can forget about them while driving. At least the auto-manufacturers are not too shy to admit this fact. That is why they are including the ‘Economy mode’ feature in all their newer models.


The Economy Mode allows you to take control of your car’s fuel efficiency by taking control of the car itself. Not many years ago, people used to call it the future and finally it is here. Economy mode is not just a single feature, it is in fact, a package of multiple economy features. These may involve kids inflatable water slide automatically turning off the non-essential electrical systems, or it may involve changing the transmission and throttle as required at any given time.

Economy mode was quite rare during the mid 2000s but today it is seen in every other car introduced. However, every manufacturer has come up with their own features included in their cars. Most manufacturers claim that the Eco mode can help in improving fuel efficiency by 5% to 10%.

The way the economy mode works in every car is quite different than how it works on others. To get a clear idea of how many different features there can be, let’s take a look at some of the most popular names with this feature available.

Honda CR-Z – The economy mode in Honda CR-Z will work to increase battery range. When this mode is on the air-conditioning system will automatically reduce the load on the engine. The drive-by wire throttle will provide smoother acceleration while maintain the lowest possible rpm. Torque and power will also decrease four percent.

Infiniti M- The car has two options for economy mode; one of those comes standard and the user can choose the other one by upgrading to Technology package. The standard economy mode works by changing the throttle positioning and shift points. In the upgraded mode, there is an ‘Eco Pedal’ that pushes back and vibrates underfoot-this is actually a feedback to encourage driver to optimize fuel efficiency.

Chevy Equinox- The Equinox also comes in with the Eco-mode button. Pushing this button, the torque converter of the six-speed auto transmission is locked at lower speeds and the transmission is shifted to a higher gear. Unlike other cars, Chevy’s Eco mode doesn’t affect the throttle.

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