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Since the start of twentieth century, the windy city is hit by a tornado of speed demons every year. The Chicago Auto Show, one of the most prestigious auto shows around the world completed it 103rd year in February 2011. Following the economic downfall, the last two years were not very memorable ones. We all … Continue reading “Chicago Auto Show 2011-Cars That Stole the Spotlight”

The Automobile Industry is working hard to deliver excellence in every term. They are striving to improve performance, safety and the overall driving experience of their vehicles. From the tiniest button on the CD player to the complex engine wiring, everything goes through multiple quality and safety tests. Yet, sometimes out of bad luck, some … Continue reading “Seven Deadly Recalls”

Accusations can be made about everyone and everything. One of the funniest we have ever heard in automobile industry was about spoilers. They say, it is called spoiler because it spoils your car’s performance. If that is true, what exactly was the need to invent such a thing? And why exactly is everyone spoiling their … Continue reading “Spoiler Alert-Do Spoilers Really Make A Difference?”