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Nissan to Decide on the Future of the Xterra

September 25, 2013 by - Automotive Editor

2010 Nissan Xterra

A Nissan official has recently revealed that the carmaker is on the brink of deciding whether it would continue the production of the Nissan Xterra or not.

The upcoming decision according to the said official is about to come since the carmaker is quite uncertain as to whether retaining the Xterra in its vehicle lineup would be a good move for the company or not since the vehicle is starting to get outdated and its individual sales output continues to drop.

In addition to that, the Nissan Xterra is also having a hard time in competing with some of the newer models that are sold in its class since the former undoubtedly provides poor fuel economy ratings. Given this premise, Nissan might have anticipated that the Xterra will never be able to command a significant increase in demand given that most of its closest rivals particularly the newer ones are capable of providing the benefits it provides without the need to consume a tremendous amount of fuel. To make things worse, the company is also caught up with the demand from the federal government to produce more models that are fuel efficient and are capable of producing lesser harmful gas emissions.

Although most of the challenges that the Nissan Xterra is facing would surely convince the carmaker to halt its production, Nissan is still clueless with the appropriate moves that it is about to make since the vehicle was previously known as one of its best-selling models during the times when the prices of fuel used to power the Xterra are still low.

As of the present, Nissan still sticks to the premise that the fate of the Xterra is still uncertain. However, the carmaker hinted that the company is still weighing things up and the decision as to whether they would remove the model from the lineup or not. It even pointed out that a replacement would most likely be an option but then the carmaker still fails to provide a good explanation until now.

Given all of these dilemmas, the buyers who are interested in purchasing the upcoming version of the Xterra in the event that Nissan would decide to continue its production are left with no choice but to wait for the carmaker’s upcoming efforts towards the model.

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