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Apparently the prophecies of non-human invasion of our planet were all true. We are living in a world invaded by ‘technology’ lead by highly intelligent species that we call ‘Smartphones’.  From business to entertainment and from communication to now transportation, Smartphones are accompanying and assisting us in every aspect of our lives. Smartphone applications for … Continue reading “Top Five Smartphone Applications for Automobiles”

How many times have you felt drowsy during a drive? How many times do you open your eyes just before your head is about to hit the steering wheel? It happens to everyone, not because the cars today are way too luxurious, also not because the highways are so boring, but because it’s a natural … Continue reading “ATTENTION ASSIST- A Feature All Manufacturers Must Pay Attention To!”

You can get tons of tips and suggestions about saving fuel during your drive and making your car more economical, but the truth is it is pretty hard to concentrate on the road and the fuel at the same time. Even the one’s who give everyone those fuel-saving suggestions can forget about them while driving. … Continue reading “Take Control with the ‘Economy Mode’ In Your Car”

Right now legislators in several states are passing strict laws providing severe punishments for people who try to send text messages and drive at the same time. This, they say, is more dangerous than just about anything you could do behind the wheel with the exception of driving drunk. They might be surprised to know … Continue reading “Do Cars and Cell Phones Mix?”

Cars that run on water? It might sound like a crazy idea but the idea has merit, and some people are doing it right now.   Most Cars Are Gas Powered Gasoline is certainly not the only fuel that can move your car. Sure, most cars today do operate on gasoline, but there are alternatives. … Continue reading “Truth About Water Powered Cars”

Wind power holds the promise of bolstering the power grid with a non-polluting renewable energy resource. Whether or not we could power all the automobiles of the world with wind energy has more to do with human nature than it does with the technology involved in making it happen. Understanding Wind Energy First, it is … Continue reading “Can All Cars be Powered Entirely by Wind?”

A driver tends to take care of a car like a mother cares for a child. However, as a mother takes very special care of a child’s nutrition, most drivers overlook this necessity of their beloved car. Your car’s performance depends very much on its diet. And what exactly is that diet? It’s the fuel. … Continue reading “Your Car’s Diet- What Does An Octane Number Stand For?”

Most men of great intellect are of the opinion that the wheel has been the most revolutionary invention of human history. Well literally speaking, revolution defines exactly what a wheel does. Yet, it is also apparent how far they have come throughout centuries. The need to develop automobile tires emerged a long time after the … Continue reading “Wheels of Revolution-Revolutionary Changes in Automobile Tires”

Electronic fuel Injectors have been around since 1950, yet most cars made before 1980s used to have a big heavy carburetor instead of a fuel injector. The major difference between carburetors and fuel injectors is the size. The carburetors were large heavy and noisy while fuel injectors are small enough to fit in the palm … Continue reading “Electronic Fuel Injection- The Small Wonder”

Aerodynamics is a term once considered exclusive to racing and sports cars. Yet, today we see many manufacturers are constantly trying to improve aerodynamics on their sedans or SUVs mini bouncy castle as well. Although, they know that these decent city cars would never have to drive past the speed where aerodynamics actually get to … Continue reading “Of Wheels and Wings-Improving Your Car’s Aerodynamics”