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Continuously Variable Transmission is not new term. We have seen countless new cars with this transmission lately. CVT is nothing like Automatic or manual transmission, yet it is hard to say if it is better or not. In a regular auto transmission, there are a fixed number of gears. However, CVT can change through an … Continue reading “Continuously Variable Transmission-Better Than Automatic?”

The first thing you should know about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is that it might kill you or someone you love. No Reason to Drive Under the Influence There is no good reason to drive under the influence of anything. When your car is moving it is equal to the force … Continue reading “The Myths of DUI”

You might not be able to afford a new car, but there is no reason you could not make your current car look and feel like a brand new car. Touch Ups All you need for that new car feel is some spray paint, flashy wheels and a tricked-out trim job. Presto! Your old car … Continue reading “New Car Look For Under $150”

So you want to buy a car. Great. The question is, besides what you are going to pay for it before you drive it off the dealership lot, do you know how much that car is really going to cost you? There are many factors to consider when trying to calculate what your new car … Continue reading “What Owning a Car Really Costs”

You no doubt paid good money for your car. Don’t throw that money away because you failed to take good care of your investment. Learning a few things about how your car works and what it is trying to tell you can go a long way toward keeping it on the road and out of … Continue reading “Things Everyone Must Know About Cars to Prevent Serious Damage”

Automotive recalls are a big deal. Just ask Toyota Motor Corp.   Toyota went from being the darling of the automotive manufacturing industry to being the ugly step child since recalling nearly 10 million vehicles worldwide in two major automotive recalls. Fatal Car Crashes More Americans under the age of 34 are killed in vehicle … Continue reading “Automotive Recalls – How They Work”

Today, hardly anyone can even imagine their life without an automobile. Entire cities are designed to make travel by automobile easier and more convenient. Public Transportation Society has spread out far and wide because of its reliance on the individual transportation provided by the personal automobile. It was not always like this in the United … Continue reading “How Did Cars Become So Important?”

If you are thinking about a new car you need one crucial piece of information no car buyer should be without: the dealer invoice.   MSRP The dealer invoice is the price the manufacturer charged for the new vehicle. The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, that every dealer displays in the window of a new vehicle, … Continue reading “What You Pay and What the Dealer Pays”

Sure, lots of folks love their minivan. For the most part, minivans are versatile family mobiles that can shuttle the kids to soccer practice as easily as they can tow a boat to the lake during summer vacation. They come loaded with lots of goodies like an abundance of safety features, DVDs and satellite navigation. … Continue reading “Chrysler Introduces ‘Man Van’ as Mommy-Mobiles Lose Sales to SUVs”

For many of us, the world has seemed anything but right-side-up the past few years. In fact, upside down is an apt description for most of us, from our professional lives to the mortgages on our homes. As it happens, the reverse is true of our new car purchases. In an upside down economy it … Continue reading “New Cars Are Cheaper Than Used Cars in an Upside-down Economy”