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Apparently the prophecies of non-human invasion of our planet were all true. We are living in a world invaded by ‘technology’ lead by highly intelligent species that we call ‘Smartphones’.  From business to entertainment and from communication to now transportation, Smartphones are accompanying and assisting us in every aspect of our lives. Smartphone applications for … Continue reading “Top Five Smartphone Applications for Automobiles”

All that European pride seemed justified when we stepped in the Geneva PAlExpo this March. No wonder, European cars are one of the finest you can ever set your eyes on.  This year, in its 81st run, Geneva Auto Show really proved how you can only improve with age. Quite frankly, this year’s show was … Continue reading “Geneva Auto show 2011- The European Auto Extravaganza”

How many times have you felt drowsy during a drive? How many times do you open your eyes just before your head is about to hit the steering wheel? It happens to everyone, not because the cars today are way too luxurious, also not because the highways are so boring, but because it’s a natural … Continue reading “ATTENTION ASSIST- A Feature All Manufacturers Must Pay Attention To!”

Acura has been quite a popular name in the automobile industry. The very first reason is that the Japanese automakers are celebrating their 25th anniversary in the US this year. Secondly, we were quite curios how extreme they are going to get with their design this year. Honestly, the 2009 Acura TL was quite a … Continue reading “2012 Acura TL-What To Expect From The 25th Anniversary Car”

You can get tons of tips and suggestions about saving fuel during your drive and making your car more economical, but the truth is it is pretty hard to concentrate on the road and the fuel at the same time. Even the one’s who give everyone those fuel-saving suggestions can forget about them while driving. … Continue reading “Take Control with the ‘Economy Mode’ In Your Car”

Continuously Variable Transmission is not new term. We have seen countless new cars with this transmission lately. CVT is nothing like Automatic or manual transmission, yet it is hard to say if it is better or not. In a regular auto transmission, there are a fixed number of gears. However, CVT can change through an … Continue reading “Continuously Variable Transmission-Better Than Automatic?”

Since the start of twentieth century, the windy city is hit by a tornado of speed demons every year. The Chicago Auto Show, one of the most prestigious auto shows around the world completed it 103rd year in February 2011. Following the economic downfall, the last two years were not very memorable ones. We all … Continue reading “Chicago Auto Show 2011-Cars That Stole the Spotlight”

It was one pleasant day at the Detroit Auto Show 2011 that we mortals realized how close the future is approaching- the future that we always thought was true only in Hollywood movies. Yet, it was there standing close and clear-like a crystal ball. We could easily see the reflection of our own future from … Continue reading “2012 Hyundai Veloster-The Future Seems Near!”

One of the most breathtaking moments for automobile enthusiasts this year was the announcement of the 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1. The car debuted at the Chicago Auto Show as the most technically advanced and highest-performing Camaro so far. Keeping in view the performance of ZL1, since it’s first day, one can’t imagine less than sheer … Continue reading “Chevrolet Camaro ZL1- The High Performance Legacy”

Cars want to be an Indy Pace Car just like a girl wants to be a pageant queen. It’s true, you don’t just need to have the looks, you need engine deep beauty for cutting edge performance. It is perhaps the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a four wheeler. So, what’s the lucky car this … Continue reading “2011 Indy 500 Pace Car”