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ATTENTION ASSIST- A Feature All Manufacturers Must Pay Attention To!

April 5, 2011 by - Automotive Editor

How many times have you felt drowsy during a drive? How many times do you open your eyes just before your head is about to hit the steering wheel? It happens to everyone, not because the cars today are way too luxurious, also not because the highways are so boring, but because it’s a natural phenomenon. When you are tired you get drowsy and you need sleep. So, in situations such as these, you need a companion who never sleeps, you need ATTENTION assist.

What is ATTENTION assist?

Yes, it’s all caps for ATTENTION because when drowsy, you probably won’t be able to see it otherwise. We all know how dangerous driving under the influence can be, but driving under the influence of sleep is quite inevitable in some situations. Sadly, the cops cannot detect it, and not even the driver is conscious enough at that moment. Yet, with ATTENTION assist, your new Mercedes Benz knows when you need a coffee break.

How Does it Work?

So, how does it work, some kind of psychic powers? We are afraid that wouldn’t have been very reliable. ATTENTION assist actually uses a number of sensors to detect kids inflatable water slide the behavior of the driver. It is just like how a teacher can detect one drowsy student trying hard to keep his eyes open. Drowsiness is quite obvious in the body language and behavioral control of the person. ATTENTION assist takes into account all those symptoms and changes and works accordingly.

The highly unique sensors of ATTENTION assist observe the driver’s behavior at the start of a trip. This helps in making a profile of the driver in his/her ‘active’ state. This profile is compared instantaneously with the current data. This way ATTENTION assist keeps monitoring any changes in the driver’s behavior. However, you need to be driving above 80km/h.

Factors and Indicators

• One of the major factors that ATTENTION assist keeps a check on is the steering characteristics and behavior. When a driver is drowsy, the effects are most eminent on the steering i.e. control becomes sluggish and delayed.

• The way a driver changes the lane, also is a good indicator of a drivers ‘energy’ level. Also, frequency and delay in using controls and signals are important.

• ATTENTION assist also keeps an account of the traffic and road conditions through several sensors.

Once the behavioral data starts to deviate from the original pattern of the profile, ATTENTION assist comes into action and displays a ‘take a brake’ signal along with an obnoxious sounding alarm. Before the launch, ATTENTION assist has been tried and tested by multiple drivers over 500,000 kilometers. Tests have been a success and by the looks of it, ATTENTION assist also seems like a feature that all manufacturers must seriously think about including in their vehicles.

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